Optimizing the Structure and Performance of the Family Office for Sustainable Wealth Preservation & Transfer
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November 9 - 11, 2015
Boston, MA
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Every year The North American Family Office conference attracts over 120 high profile and respected family leaders making this event the must-attend event of the year for ultra-affluent families and their executives.
This year’s agenda will address the following themes:
Come November, how will the new political landscape impact single family offices in the US?
What strategies are leading offices using to optimize investment performance in public and private markets?
How are next generation family members engaging with the office to pursue alignment with the next generation’s values on impact led investing? 
How are families structuring their Family Offices to ensure alignment with long term family goals and objectives?
How families are tackling succession-planning challenges to ensure the multigenerational sustainability of the office
These and many more questions will be addressed at the next family office conference by principals and executives from leading family offices in Campden’s premier closed-door private meeting in Boston, USA.