Optimizing governance structures to manage multi-generational transition, steward wealth and accomplish long- term family goals effectively
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November 12 - 13, 2013
Four Seasons Hotel Boston, MA
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Conference overview

How can your family best organize and optimize its governance structures to ensure it is equipped to ride-out the many transitions and even crises that you will encounter over successive generations?  
Which strategies have families used successfully not only to engage the next generation of family leadership but also to engender an entrepreneurial spirit that will secure the longer-term wealth of the family?
What is the optimal ownership structure for your family’s particular circumstances?  When is it time to consider a private trust company and what impact might such a change have on the family dynamic?
And in an environment of continued economic uncertainty, what can you learn from how successful families are adapting their investment infrastructure not only for wealth preservation but also wealth enhancement?
These and many more questions will be addressed at the next family office conference by principals and executives from leading family offices in Campden’s premier closed-door private meeting in Boston, USA. 
Conley Brooks Jr., President, Sawmill Private Management, Inc & Sawmill Trust Company
James Ruddy, President & CEO, Dillon Trust Company, NY