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For the last decade, investors worldwide have been waiting to see what is going to happen next – and 2018 has begun in the same fashion. The impending tax changes and interest rate rises will affect the investment landscape in the short and medium term. Given this uncertainty, family offices and private investors truly have an appetite to allocate new capital with the aim of producing a high yield from relatively low-risk investments.

With this backdrop, Campden Wealth is proud to announce our 6th Annual North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference. This year’s event will focus on the key areas that will help families allocate. This includes niche investment strategies, macro overviews that relate to the investment environment and insight from your peers about what they are investing in (or not) this year.
Some of the new features and topics that we will be focusing on this year are:
  • Succession and the future of fund managers
  • When and why families should not invest directly
  • How investor expectations have evolved and changed over the last decade
  • Sourcing, vetting and investing with emerging managers
Additionally, we will be featuring an extended session on the first afternoon where more than 10 family offices will be presenting their investment ideas and theories. Each office will have 10-12 minutes to explain why they are looking – or not – at a particular investment opportunity or sector.

Also, on June 18th we will have a pre-conference reception, hosted by Dr. Thomas Hawes and Sandbox Industries.

The North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference, now in its sixth year, is an intimate meeting designed to help ultra-affluent families and private investors better understand their portfolios and investment climate. This meeting attracts 100-120 private investors and family offices, both senior executives and family principals, who prioritize exceptional peer-to-peer engagement and thought-leadership.
We look forward to welcoming new and returning families to the 6th North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference on June 19th and 20th in Chicago.
To get your copy of the agenda click below. 
*Please note registration is subject to approval and event fee
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By attending the 6th North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference in Chicago you are eligible for earning CPE credits