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26 & 27 February 2019
The Langham, London, UK
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How are families finding the right mix of investments in search of enhanced returns and a safe haven for capital at a time where alternative categories are being reinvented? 
Family office investment performance experienced a remarkable year with the average portfolio return hitting 15.5% - more than double the previous year and with alternatives equating to nearly half (46%) of the average family office portfolio.
However, with perceived volatility returning to the stock and bond markets, valuations growing exponentially and additional interest rate rises on the horizon, alternative strategies are likely to evolve as family offices seek lower correlation to traditional assets and new structures to strengthen portfolios.
Revealing how families will allocate over the next 18 months and the structure, style and risk they adopt – Campden Wealth are delighted to announce the 15th Family Alternative Investment Conference taking place on 26-27 February 2019 in London.
Chaired by Dr. Ernest Boles, Vice Chairman of Private Equity and Real Estate at Harald Quandt Capital (Germany) – the private forum takes place under Chatham House rule and is designed to focus on peer-to-peer insights that will help families allocate.
A strict qualification criteria applies.
For more information on the upcoming conference: