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One of the key family office trends in 2017 was the rise of impact investing. According to Campden Wealth’s Global Family Office Report (2017), over 40% of family offices are expecting to increase their allocation towards impact and ESG investments. Millennials will drive the adoption of sustainable and impact investing. Like any other new investment idea, family offices and the wider sector are facing a number of challenges including lack of deal flow and defining impact measurement. Impact investing is not just something that concerns your family foundation; it is an ideology across all the parts of your family infrastructure, including your business, office, investment portfolio, and foundation. And every family’s definition of impact, is unique to them.

Some of the world’s largest families, including Ford, Pritzker, Gates, Rockefeller, and Walton are actively engaged in impact investing. The Ford Foundation recently earmarked $1bn for “mission” or “impact” investing. According to the FT’s Gillian Tett, the reason for this announcement is because the Ford trustees no longer think that charity is just about handing out cash for worthy causes; it is also about aggressively trying to harness capitalism and capital markets to promote change. Or as Darren Walker, the foundation head put it, “It’s not just 5% of your money you give away that matters. What you do with the other 95% is almost more important.”

With this backdrop, Campden Wealth is delighted to announce our North American Family Investment & Impact Conference, taking place in San Diego on October 15-17, 2019. During the two days, family business, office, and foundation owners and executives will be comparing experiences in this innovative and important space, as well as debating the key opportunities and challenges that they face. Additionally, experts from academia and industry will discuss the infrastructure and how impact investing can be scalable.

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The North American Family Investment & Impact Conference is an intimate meeting designed to help business-owning, financial and philanthropic families better understand impact investing and ESG and how it can impact their family unit. This meeting will be attracting 100-120 family business and office owners, and private investors, both senior executives and family principals, who prioritize exceptional peer-to-peer engagement and thought-leadership.