How to beat the 3rd generation curse
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24 - 25 September 2019
Shanghai, China
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Chinese history shows that few families are able to make it pass the third generation. It seems like a curse for many families. How to beat the 3rd generation curse? What are the implications to the family when planning a multigenerational businesses? What are the current global practices for family businesses? 

Come and join our very first forum in China!
You'll be thrilled by insights and secrets shared by peer families in the way they operate and maintain family business for hundreds of years!

自1987年以来,公司总部设在伦敦的 Campden Wealth 为世界上最富有的家庭,家族办公室和高端投资者提供了无与伦比的理财及投资知识和智慧分享。我们在全世界主要城市都设有办事处: 例如在美国的纽约,旧金山,新加坡,孟买和香港。 

凭借在亚洲经营了18年的经验,连接最富裕的家庭及其家族企业和家族办公室,Campden Wealth 还通过家族企业和该地区的家庭办公室活动提供财富知识交流平台。 Campden Wealth 在世界各地组织规模论坛和圆桌会议,将我们世界各地的会员联系在一起,让他们在完全私密的环境中舒适地分享不同的财富投资及财富管理经验。现在我们的工作焦点是放在亚洲 35至55岁的富二代; 我们相信这些富二代将会当权为他们家族企业和财富平台的管理人及投资者而他们亦非常重视投资及理财机关能为他们提供的服务。



Be part of this spectacular event! We look forward to inspiring you in Shanghai!


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