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Your reputation and privacy are paramount, so when it comes to a crisis or an ongoing need, there’s no room for doubt. Schillings is the only business in the world to deploy — under one roof — intelligence experts, investigators, cyber specialists, risk consultants, lawyers and senior people from the military, banking and government. By operating as a single team, we shorten the time between investigating a problem and solving it. When there’s a crisis, we run point for you. We deploy our combined experience in intelligence, investigations, cyber, risk and law to zero in on the source of your problem and fix it. Because your life doesn’t stop, neither do we. Contact us any time, wherever you are in the world. In private, of course.
Xinova -
Xinova-Technology Reserve is a global organization focused on leveraging the power of innovation to address complex innovation hurdles, enhance the quality of life, innovate commercial-ready platform technology solutions and finance technology. 
Our Business is Creating Business. We use Xinova’s breakthrough approach that is transforming how R&D and innovation are done in organizations. Xinova’s proven on-demand innovation network spans over 60 countries, with over 10,000 inventors and product developers, research institutes, leading academic institutions, and corporate partners. It provides a dynamic, reconfigurable & scalable set of global talent resources that allows the agility to change priorities, start or stop initiatives quickly, with less commitment of resources.
We help C-suite offices with core businesses that are vulnerable to disruption from the forces of digitization and technological change.  These groups desire a strategic partner, not a consultant’s report, to use innovation and new technologies to secure a sustainable future.  We inject existing technology solutions, produce fresh invention of new solutions, bring co-development partners, new financial instruments and deal structures to super-charge internal innovation initiatives and act a principal investor through funds that we manage.