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'It was a pleasure participating.'

Family Member, UAE


“You convened a good quality of participants which I haven’t experienced before in this region.”

Family Principal, UAE


“Very good quality of presentations and delegates, i was pleased to be part of this prestigious conference”

Single Family Office Executive, UAE


'I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, thank you again.'

Family Member, UK


'I was so happy with the event and with the level of competent people I met.'

Family Member, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


'I was amazed how interactive it was, lots of questions, lots of insights.'

Family Member, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


'This conference was a very good experience for me, where Campden Wealth delivered a worthwhile quality conference.'

Family Advisor, Switzerland


'Very good exposure to family business and family wealth issues and a close look at the dynamics of the region in general.'

Family Member, Turkey


'It was a well organised conference and I very much enjoyed all the family conversations.'

Family Member, Kingdom of Bahrain