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April 10, 2019
New York, NY
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Did you know 1 in 3 family offices experienced a cybersecurity attack?In fact, roughly half of families don't have any contingency plan in place in the case of a cyber-based attack. So what can you do? Campden's Cybersecurity for Families of Wealth is a one-day event to provide you and your family the tools you need to protect yourself.
 Some key themes we will be exploring at the event include:
  •  Weaponizing employees and principals: strong training, guidelines, and culture
  • Responsibilities to third parties: suppliers, employees, and extended families
  • Implications for KRE and physical security
  • Social media’s role in cyber security
  • How to secure the IT perimeter without full-time professional staff
  • Role of the cloud — how it can help, and what to keep in mind when looking at cloud-based software of any kind
  • Due diligence for suppliers and supply chains
  • Network and device security
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By attending Campden's Cybersecurity for Families of Wealth in New York you are eligible for earning CPE and CFP credits.
1According to Campden Wealth's 2018 Global Family Office Report