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For information on becoming a partner for our 2019 conference please contact our business development team:
Claire Bailey: or (212) 204-2587
Paul Ust: or (212) 693-2792



Campden is proud to have a multi-year partnership with MG Capital. You can learn more about them below.

MG Capital’s unique investment strategy and platform enable individuals and families globally to hold an equity interest in recurring rental income streams derived from hundreds of MGAAA rated, fair-market corporate tenants, through a passive real estate investment that is 100% collateralized by debt-free, Class A residential luxury properties. Investors also benefit from our Capital Protection Provision, which mitigates the risk of investment loss.
MG Capital is a premier private equity real estate manager that has been investing exclusively in Class A residential properties across Manhattan since early 2000. In addition to following a debt-free strategy, the firm uses time-tested predictive analytics to select investments and ensure consistent year-over-year growth.
MG Capital is pleased to announce that its newest offering – Fund IV − is now open to accredited investors worldwide for investments between $50k-$25mm. The fund follows the same debt-free strategy as MG Capital’s three prior funds and has a 60-month investment term (anticipated exit in 2023).
Investment highlights:
  • Own a percentage interest in hundreds of income-producing Class A residential properties across Manhattan, each secured with fair-market, MG-AAA rated corporate tenants and non-cancelable, multi-year leases with annual rent escalations
  • Mitigate risk of investment loss through our Capital Protection Provision
  • Stabilize your portfolio with returns that are uncorrelated to broader markets and interest rate movements
  • Reinvest annual rental income distributions derived from hundreds of low-risk, MG-AAA rated corporate tenants
  • Earn a targeted 20% gross annual IRR and one of the highest investor profit sharing rates in the industry
For further information please contact:
Ana Ramos
Vice President
Tel: +1 212.633.0503
Petrichor Opportunities Fund LP (the “Fund”) is seeking $350 million of aggregate capital commitments to make structured healthcare investments with the objective of earning equity-like returns (targeting 20% IRR) while protecting downside (50-66% LTV) and generating current income (interest component of 8% to 15%).
  • The Fund has had an initial close on $100 million (Veritable & Moelis) and made its first investment. The team has led > 75 investments representing approximately $5 billion of invested capital and held > 25 board seat
  • Petrichor currently has an active transaction pipeline representing > $3 billion in transaction value
Investment Strategy:
  • Provide customized investment solutions for healthcare companies seeking less dilutive (i) growth capital or (ii) M&A financing
  • Target portfolio of 10 to 15 investments, with investment sizes ranging between $15 and $50 million
  • Investment universe primarily consists of small-to-medium sized, revenuegenerating public and private companies, in all key healthcare sectors including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and diagnostics
  • Transactions will typically include a cash interest component of 8% to 15% and are structured through a combination of equity / warrants, senior secured loans, convertible debt, and revenue participation
  • Investments are structured with credit downside protection (50-66% LTV) and include security features such as liens on intellectual property, company guarantees, and covenant triggers to protect against risk of capital loss
For further information please contact:
Tadd S. Wessel
Founder & Managing Partner
Tel: +1 917.513.7588
Global Jet Capital was launched in 2014 with a clear mission: to become the world’s premier provider of financial solutions for corporations and individuals seeking to own and operate business aircraft.
In 2015, the company purchased GE Capital’s portfolio of business aircraft assets. Along with the acquisition came much of the underwriting talent, expertise, and discipline that had positioned GE Capital as a leader in business aircraft financial solutions.
Building on a strong foundation, Global Jet Capital has quickly established a reputation for providing flexible and timely financial solutions for clients looking to finance new or previously owned business aircraft including pre-approvals, progress payment financing, equipment upgrade financing, debt and loans structures, finance leases, and one of the industry’s most flexible operating leases.
As experts in business aviation, with thousands of transactions behind them, Global Jet Capital has the skills and experience to help its clients make well-informed decisions. From the effect of market conditions on purchase price to residual value risk and the best way to protect capital in a dynamic market – Global Jet Capital is uniquely positioned to help its clients navigate what is a complex and rapidly changing market.
Because Global Jet Capital is not a bank, it has the ability to craft bespoke solutions for its clientele, addressing individual challenges and constraints. Further, the company is able to move quickly through its streamlined underwriting and approval process to deliver custom solutions with the maximum amount of privacy and discretion. With world-class investors including The Carlyle Group; FS/KKR Advisor, LLC; a partnership between FS Investments and KKR Credit; and AE Industrial Partners; a $1B committed revolving debt mechanism funding growth; and, oversubscribed and highly-rated ABS funding issuances, Global Jet Capital is firmly established as a leader in private aviation financial solutions with the experience and capital to grow the business for the long-term.
For further information please contact:
Steve Day
Tel: 203-939-0518
Syntax LLC (“Syntax”) is an investment management firm that offers Syntax Stratified Indices, including Stratified-Weight™ versions of the widely-used S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400, MSCI EAFE, Wilshire 5000, and Wilshire LargeCap Indices. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Syntax Advisors, LLC (“Syntax Advisors”), the company offers private funds that track Syntax Stratified-Weight Indices.
Syntax Advisors is an SEC-registered investment adviser, under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Syntax Advisors will serve as investment adviser to a family of ETFs that track Stratified-Weight indices. In addition to these offerings, Syntax also provides index licensing services, data feeds, and analytical tools using its proprietary database and portfolio building technology. Syntax created the Stratified-Weight methodology to manage a risk that it believes is not addressed in traditional indices: the inadvertent overweighting of related business risks that occurs in capitalization-weighted and equal-weighted indices. This strategy was developed using a new technology called Functional Information System™ (“FIS”), a patented multi-attribute classification system developed by Syntax’s sister company, Locus Analytics. FIS is a system for identifying and grouping companies that share related business risks. By using FIS to diversify related business risk, Syntax Stratified-Weight Indices aim to reduce the impacts caused by overweighting similar companies. The idea for Syntax came from its founder Rory Riggs, a biotechnology entrepreneur who saw that he could apply his experience from clinical sciences to his experience in portfolio management. Rory realized that a clinician and a portfolio manager have the same problem: the inadvertent overweighting of one sub-population over another can create biased outcomes. He also realized that the clinician and portfolio manager should have the same solution: stratification. In clinical trials, stratification is used to manage potential bias inherent to patients with related disease or genetic markers.
In portfolio management, stratification is used to manage potential bias associated with related earnings drivers. By overweighting companies with related business risks and related earnings drivers, portfolio risk can occur when sudden shocks impact these companies’ earnings at the same time, creating a negative bias in a portfolio’s performance. Syntax’s Stratified-Weight index methodology is designed to mitigate the impact of these types of negative shocks without sacrificing upside potential. 
For further information please contact:
Charles "Jiggs" Davis
Senior Vice President
Tel: 510-682-6668
Monroe Capital LLC (“Monroe”) is a private credit asset management firm specializing in direct lending and opportunistic private credit investing. Since 2004, the firm has provided private credit solutions to borrowers in the U.S. and Canada. Monroe’s middle market lending platform provides debt financing to businesses, special situation borrowers, and private equity sponsors. Investment types include cash flow, enterprise value and asset-based loans; unitranche financings; and equity co-investments. Monroe is committed to being a value-added and user-friendly partner to business owners, senior management, and private equity and independent sponsors. The firm is headquartered in Chicago and maintains offices in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. 
Monroe has been recognized by Creditflux as the 2019 Best US Direct Lending Fund; Private Debt Investor as the 2018 Lower Mid-Market Lender of the Year; Mergers & Acquisitions as the 2018 Lender of the Year; Global M&A Network as the 2018 Small Middle Markets Lender of the Year; M&A Advisor as the 2016 Lender Firm of the Year; and the U.S. Small Business Administration as the 2015 Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) of the Year.
Firm Highlights
  • $7.7 billion in assets under management
  • Funded over 1,275 investments involving over $10.5 billion of investment loans since its inception in 2004
  • Dedicated team of over 100 professionals
  • Investment Committee with average experience of 26 years
  • 15 year track record
  • Experience of Monroe credit and underwriting team which has been active in direct lending since 2000
  • Proprietary lending opportunities generated by Monroe origination team offer differentiated and proprietary source of return

Why Private Credit

  • High current income
  • Floating interest rates which insulate and hedge investors from a rising interest rate environment and attractive returns
  • Senior secured loan positions emphasize principal protection
  • Individual investors can benefit from the Monroe private credit platform as large institutional investors have since 2004
For more information please contact:
R Sean Duff
Managing Director and Partner
Office: +1 312.523.2372
Cell: +1 773.580.4258
Theodore L. Koenig
President & CEO
Office: 312.523.2360
Alex Condrell
Managing Director
Office: 312.568.7810
Investcorp is a $26.7* billion alternative asset manager with a 37-year history of investing in private equity, real estate, private credit and hedge funds. Investcorp is an anchor investor in 100% of its deals and funds offered, maintaining a consistent co-investment philosophy and partnership approach to investing. The firm has a significant global footprint with over 400 employees in 7 office locations worldwide. Investcorp’s Private Client Solutions Group focuses on the unique needs of private clients to assist families and individuals in investing across the alternative investments spectrum.

Investcorp Strategic Capital Partners (GP Stakes):
Investcorp has a seasoned team which makes minority, passive investments in the General Partnerships of established alternatives managers (PE, RE, VC, private debt, and hedge funds). The team is led by Anthony Maniscalco was a founding member and IC member for Blackstone’s GP Stakes Fund and was also Co-Head of the Credit Suisse GP stakes business. Investcorp Strategic Capital Partners is currently targeting a $750M fund to build a diversified portfolio of GP stakes in mid-size alternatives managers, and Investcorp has committed up to $40M to the fund. Investcorp is also offering select co-investment opportunities in the GP stakes.
* Source: Investcorp Q3 FY2019 quarterly shareholder update (January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019). Investcorp assets include assets managed or co-managed by Investcorp Bank BSC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Investcorp”) including proprietary investments of Investcorp, assets placed by Investcorp but managed by third-party asset managers, and assets subject to a non-discretionary advisory mandate where Investcorp receives fees calculated on the basis of AUM. Real estate assets are reported at gross property values. Investcorp assets also include client call accounts of approximately $300 million held in trust. Regulatory AUM as of June 30, 2018: Private Equity $435mm; Real Estate $8.7mm; Credit Management $10.5bn; and Absolute Returns $1.5bn.
For more information please contact:
Tel: +1 917.332.5774