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2-5 February 2020
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Campden Wealth are pleased to announce the inaugural Saudi Arabian Family Enterprise (SAFE) Initiative 2020, held in collaboration with Invest Saudi from 2-5 February 2020 in Jeddah,KSA.  

This landmark and timely gathering will convene distinguished business families and their active private investment offices globally, to anchor ideas and in-depth conversations on how to build a roadmap for sustaining growth through today’s tests, transitions and transformations.


Under the privacy of Chatham House rule, the conference will be chaired by a distinguished, active family principal, Muhammad Alagil – Chairman of Jarir Group, which comprises his family’s prominent operating businesses, and CEO of Jarir Investment, his diversified family office.

2 February 2020 | Gulf Means Business - European Tour & Welcome Majlis

Preceding the conference all families will be welcome to participate and enjoy the final day of the 2020 European Tour at the Royal Greens Golf & Country Club as distinguished guests.

The European Tour, officially sanctioned by PGA and the Saudi Gulf Federation, provides an opportune event to connect in good company and be captivated by a national sporting endeavour.

Attendees will then be invited to sip and supper at a welcome majlis overlooking the course as the winner completes the 18th hole.


3-4 February 2020 | Private Conference

During the conference, attendees will gain refreshing insight on what the new family, business and investment landscape will look like and exchange experiences for how to structure, invest and plan to protect family wealth and future growth.  

Through a series of group workshops, interactive panel discussions, case studies and keynote interviews – attendees will be at the heart of practical conversations on strengthening traditional sources of wealth with new avenues of growth as well as progressing legal and governance structures to pre-empt multigenerational needs.

5 February | Broadening Horizons

The initiative culminates on the 5 Feb with an opportunity to see, feel and explore a UNESCO national heritage site and significant giga-project, uncovering a new era of business in Saudi Arabia – one of the most populous and wealthiest nations in the Middle East, the heart of the Arab world.   

More details will be provided on the contributors, content and connectivity in the coming weeks.

Who can attend?

  • Members of ultra-affluent business-owning families
  • Family office executives and board members (accompanied by family)
  • Ultra-high-net-worth private investors

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